The Red Lion Grows Weak?

Warspite Series Red flagThe days of Ironia’s Warspite seem to be numbered after so many famous Lords and Warriors died during the Fearnaught Wars. There are now barely enough Warspite to maintain the secret code and their ancient traditions of protecting the peace.

And yet seldom  have the Warspite been in such demand with the march of the cruel Grey Cloaks and the expansion of the ruthless Mercadd nation of the seas. Can the Red Lion continue to flutter endlessly into battle? or is it time to finally forge the old order into something more powerful than ever?


The Dark Arts are Powerful…

The Dark Arts
The Dark Arts

The Dark Arts are Powerful, but come at a price… or so it is warned by Warspite ancestors.

Should Lord Hasler really return the Warspite to their powerful routes and embrace the ancient methods of witchcraft? or would this merely serve to alienate them from an adoring public, after all many common people have been hung for merely toying with the dark arts.